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Barbara Schildkrout is a practicing psychiatrist, teacher, and writer.

She is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, MA, and currently teaches psychiatry residents in the Harvard Longwood Residency Training Program. She has taught medical and dental students, social workers, and psychologists. Dr. Schildkrout obtained her MD from the New York University School of Medicine. She is a Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, and a member of the Massachusetts Medical Association and the American Neuropsychiatric Association.

Dr. Schildkrout is chair of the Committee on Neuropsychiatry of the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry (GAP).

In her two books, Masquerading Symptoms and Unmasking Psychological Symptoms, Dr. Schildkrout focuses on how discrete medical diseases can cause or contribute to a clinical picture that resembles a mental disorder.

She believes that it is an important public health challenge to decrease the time from the onset of symptoms to obtaining an accurate diagnosis. She hopes her books will further that goal by bringing alive for readers the experience of patients and the real practice of clinical thinking and problem-solving.

Dr. Schildkrout has an active private practice, working psychodynamically with adults in individual or couples therapy. She lives in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.